Give us a chance?

Here,in India,if I were to give a guy, two tickets to a football game and question him about who he would take along with him, I can never expect the answer to be his sister or his girlfriend or any other female being in his life.

“Football isn’t for girls” AND “You will only stare at the players” AND “You don’t even know the players” you simply say.

Being a girl who has recently started watching Football because I actually like the game and not to ogle the players (even though they are absolutely mind blowing!) these are the few things I hear on a daily basis. Unlike my brother,I am never invited to watch football games at our friend’s place.I end up becoming a Popcorn Maker when his friends come over for football nights during which my score predictions are never considered.
Not just that,I am ridiculed when I say I want Manchester United to win because apparently, I support Manchester United because I am not aware of Chelsea FC or Manchester City FC or West Ham FC or Queens Park Rangers FC, so on and so forth. Some boys presume I support Real Madrid just for the sake of the Portuguese heartthrob,Cristiano Ronaldo.

Like an unexpected jackpot round on KBC, I am often quizzed on the names of the players on a particular team. Sometimes, the boys go disappointed; sometimes they succeed in making me feel like a football illiterate.

Yes, I may not have the names of all the players memorized like the Table of elements. But I would like to ask one simple question. Were you born with every player’s name embedded in your memory?

I am sure you weren’t.

Yes, I may not be aware of all the rules yet, but were you when you started watching Football?

I am sure you weren’t.

So why can’t you simple inform us about the players?

Why can’t you leave out the criticism?

Why can’t you take us for a game?

Why can’t you give us a chance?


7 thoughts on “Give us a chance?

  1. Nice one 🙂 … Keep it up (Y)
    and about the criticism thing i know how that feels … havn’t been a football follower till now but started to like this game recently …. u ‘ll always find people who are ready to criticise u for anything and everything 😛 … but its just a matter of time … pretty soon u ll know about the game as much as they do 🙂


  2. Same with cricket. I LOVE cricket. It has been and still is an integral part in my household 😛 but whenever I say something about the pitch or team selection or predict something it seems like I am being ridiculed.
    They act like hell hounds waiting for their prey!


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