“Oh that fatty? No thanks.I’d rather be single my whole life”

“My gosh! Did you notice the pimples on his face?”

“She is one of those boring girls dude.Dekh na,Chashmish hai

These are just examples of the kind of nonsense I hear almost everyday.And it is this, that has many a times,got me to wonder that perhaps,if I also began waxing my long sideburns and getting facials every week for “glowing skin”, people would stop judging me too.

Thank goodness,I manage to chuck these absurd thoughts out of my already cluttered head soon enough.

However,there are few unfortunate souls,who get compelled into changing themselves due to these rude,judgemental comments.

Lately I read several articles about men going under the knife to gain Hritik Roshan’s unnatural physique because their judgemental wives aren’t satisfied by the little things they do to express their love.Some women are forced by this disapproving world to go through expensive, time consuming and horribly painful procedures of Liposuction and plastic surgeries.The list does not end here though.They undergo laser treatments for sideburns removal,upper lip hair removal,Botox sessions so on and so forth.Icing to the cake are men who have to go through chest hair removal treatments because their girlfriends don’t like it.Huff!

Why? Why do you require this? To impress a world in abundance of individuals who will always pick out your shortcomings?

You try to fit in a world where you are assumed to be “ugly” because you are dark skinned or because you are a girl with some facial/body hair and you refuse to spend unnecessary hours in parlours every day.You try to fit in a world where your ‘non-anorexic’ figure lands you in the ‘Fatty’ category; where no one stops and takes a look inside your beautiful heart; where no one ceases to fall in love with your personality.WHY?

You try to fit in a world where fair skinned people are classified as good looking; where your spectacles make you a ‘geek’ and completely unattractive; where make-up has taken over to churn out plastic dolls.You try to be wanted by people who will judge you and push you down because you choose not to do what they are doing to earn those ‘profile picture likes’; people who don’t stop to read the fantastic poems you write,or watch you dance or witness how good of a singer you are.

So,do something else instead?

Wake up to bright mornings and say- “Chuck the world.I am perfect the way I am”. Believe in yourself,love the way God created you,and soon the world would be at your feet.

And if you ever feel low and the urge arises to alter yourself just for the sake of being liked by others-who are not at all perfect either- just remember Bruno Mars’s words…

“You’re amazing,just the way you are” 🙂


2 thoughts on “Judgemental

  1. Very well written like always 🙂 … and yup everyone is perfect in their own ways 🙂 … the song mentioned is awesome and so is bruno …. btw you can add selena gomez ‘s – who says …. the lyrics convey the same message 🙂


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