Dilwalon Ki Dilli-Is it really?

Around twenty five thousand rapes occur in India every year.It has become so common that to read about rapes and gang rapes on trains,buses,in taxies by strangers,uncles…brothers,fathers, has become part of the every day life.Men cringe,while women sigh at their helplessness.Not all rape cases make their way into becoming national news though but when they do,the fear returns.

Mimicking the December of 2012,December 2014 bought fear back into the hearts of Indian women.Once again,flashed on every single news channel,the heinous news of a woman who was raped by the driver of the cab she had hired in the ‘not-so-Dilwalon ki Dilli’

Now,hold on.

Before you start to fume with anger,sigh or cringe,think of who should really be blamed.Oh,not the driver of course! It was her,who made the mistake of travelling when the sky had been separated of light and then falling in the peaceful hands of slumber when the hungry gaze of this wolf was fixed on her and her body!

It was her who fell asleep when she should have been sitting cautiously upright even after a exhaustive day.She should have been making sure her clothing do not reveal her legs and her breasts remain still.She shouldn’t have let the breeze blow through her tresses and fall over her face.She should have been equipped with pepper sprays and a taser. Her fingers should have been trained and ready to dial 100.

Wasn’t she taught of all this since she was just four years old? Or did she simply forget that she was a woman?

And just why did she make a complaint against the cab driver? Perhaps,she expected she would get justice.Oh, how silly of her.A man who spent merely seven months of his life in prison-when he ruined an innocent’s entire life in nothing but twenty minutes- three years ago,would not care to spend another seven months in jail. Saat hi mahine to hain yaar.Aise guzar jayenge.

She,on the other hand,will now be mocked.She will be treated as an untouchable.Unless gold hearted prince do exist,she can kiss her dreams of marrying,goodbye.Because nobody wants to marry a rape victim.
The middle aged women in her neighbourhood will use her as an example to warn their daughters and cage them in rules and restrictions.They will tell their daughters not to converse with men,not to wear shorts and skirts,not to travel alone,not to go out once the sun has departed.

However,there is one thing hardly any of them will do.

They will not tell their sons to not see women as sex toys.

They will not tell their sons to respect women.


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