Feel Alive

I want to exclude myself from this teeming metro.

I wish to separate myself from stress and tension.

I want to escape to unknown destinations with the one I love.

I wish to go on adventures I’d be proud to mention.

 I wish to let the cold breeze blow through my dark hair.

I want to hear him hum to our song.

I wish to eat at small eateries and forget about calories.

I want to feel like it is here I belong.

I wish to see the scorching sun dip into the horizon.

I want to feel little raindrops on my palms.

I wish to hear the melodious chirps of birds.

I want to fall asleep in his arms.

I don’t want our moments to be interrupted by official calls.

Yes, I wish to skive.

I wish to let myself fly.

I want to feel alive.


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