Her favourite,or so I thought.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Teacher’s Pet

“There…there must be some mistake,I mean…this is…it’s not possible!”

My desperate eyes searched for answers on the dull faces of all my subject teachers.Their mouths were shut tight; their gazes fixed on the principal,as if conveying to her that they had not played a role in this.

“Oh god,it cannot be”

Saying this,I collapsed on the black leather couch-otherwise meant only for teachers-and hid my face in my palms.

Unbearable pain arose inside me which bought along a lump in my throat.My heartbeats were similar to the melancholic beats of drums on an African funeral.I felt an undying urge to scream.Yes,I was aware that I was not the ‘scholar kind’ but it was impossible to swallow the fact that I had just failed a major subject.

But how could I have failed? I had always been the best at it! That’s what she had always told me.My subject teacher-Ms.N had told me I was the best.She had on numerous occasions asked me to narrate my answers to the class because of them being perfectly worthy of bagging full marks.She had told me several times that I would be the one to make her proud.She had told me I was her favourite.So how could this pathetic incident have occurred?

“I did not expect this from you” said my principal with atrocity oozing from her voice.

“Overconfidence is the only reason why you are here” said Ms.N.

I was definite that the rage brewing inside me was visible in my eyes.Therefore,with my head down and without a reply,I lifted myself off the leather couch and stormed out of the air-conditioned cabin.

And suddenly,I was a clown in a circus.Everyone stared at me and giggled as I walked past them.Some ran towards me to confirm their doubt about my failure.Not a single ‘friend’ paused to sympathise.Neither did the teacher whose favourite student I had been not too long ago.


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