Dummies guide to Over-Thinking

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “(Your Thing) for Dummies.”

Over-thinking is a skill that is rather easy to learn.All you need is the ability to imagine things and something to chew over till it drives you insane.

Here’s an example for the dummies.

Like every morning,after sending the little ones off to their school,I sat cross legged,by the phone desperately awaiting my husband’s Good morning call.

We were in a long distance marriage,you see.It was the only way I could carry on with my dream job while he completed his overseas project,earning him a well deserved promotion.It was a happy marriage,without many troubles or issues.Whenever there was a problem,distances were not a reason behind it.I was.

So I waited for his call till it was not morning any longer,clueless about the fact that he had successfully pulled off that magic trick of disappearing off to one of his endless meetings.

Unaware,I waited and waited till I ran low on patience.My mood deteriorated at the speed of unrefrigerated food rotting in summers and before I realised,I was imagining his despicable hourglass figured secretary wrapping her lanky arms around his neck.I could hear the sound of her five inch stilettos striking the wooden flooring.I could see the smirk on his face.


No,my husband could never think about doing such a thing.

So next,my disgusting over thinking self created an image of him being involved in a terrible accident.The anger that had taken over my senses due to the previous mental imagery instantly replaced itself with fear.I grabbed the phone and called him only to hear “The number you are trying to reach is switched off”

Could it really be? My goodness.

My thumb pushed the redial button over and over again.The same message.

And suddenly,the message faded away.Blackness covered my  eyes and I fell to the floor.My eyelids were seconds away from giving up when there was a different voice on the phone; an unrecorded voice.

“Baby,I’m so sorry.I was in a meeting”

“Yes yes,I know.I should have informed you sweetheart”

Jaan? Talk to me”


See? Over thinking isn’t so hard,is it?


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