Proud Of You

In response to The Daily Post’s prompt “Proud

Honestly,my first thought to this prompt was “Oh my god.This is the easiest prompt everrr!”

However,once I had opened the ‘New Post’ page,I sat for several minutes thinking when I had actually made someone proud.It wasn’t easy.

It wasn’t that I had been a disgrace to my family by being that clichéd smoker/drinker/druggie teenager,neither had I turned into the rebel kind,bad mouthing my parents,sneaking out to after parties or breaking any other belief of our middle class ‘society’.But I also had not been able to pass exams with flying colours.I had not given my parents a chance to brag about being my parents.

That being the case,no matter how hard I thought,I could not recall the last time they had said they were proud of me.

So how did I complete this blog?

Well,I waddled into the kitchen to find my mother,wrapped in a blue and white apron,preparing tonight’s dinner.Beside her,stood my father tightly clutching a goblet of South African red wine.

“Need anything beta?” my dad questioned.

“Yes,I do” I paused “Have you two ever been proud of me? When exactly have I made both you proud?”

For a couple of seconds,both of them ceased doing what they were and stared at me as if I had asked them about ‘the birds and the bees’.Next,smiles appeared on their faces spreading from their ear to ear.

“The time you got your results” said my father before being interrupted by mom.

“And when you became Ms.Podarite

“Also whenever you are on the stage dancing your heart out and every single person in the crowd watches you without blinking”

“We have always been proud of you and we always tell you that” replied mother.

“You just doesn’t remember it”


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