Walk Away..

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Silver Screen.”

Every day he spent hours and hours,listening to me talk endlessly.We discussed our activities throughout the day,made fun of each other and came up with strange and cute nicknames.Every day he reminded me of how cute I sounded when I was sleepy.We talked about his classmates and mine.We talked about his favourite shows and then about mine.Every day he told me I meant a lot to him.And just when we were about to depart to our beds to catch up on the sleep,he said those three words.

He repeated those three beautiful words till they had embedded themselves in my head.He said those words till I had started to believe him.He said them until I wanted to say them back to him.

So I did!

“I know I said that I loved you,and I do,but I’m not ready for a relationship”

“It’s okay.You can informally be mine” I said.

“Yeah,that’ll be good” came the reply.

Call me naive to have believed that I was the girl who had won the exclusive ticket to his heart, because despite expressing his feelings towards me,he was unable to let go the opportunity to make other women’s heart flutter in the same way mine fluttered for him.He made them feel exactly how he made me feel.And why wouldn’t he? He wasn’t formally mine.He was riding solo.Right?

Now here I stand,under the moonlight falling on my dull dark hair,with my brain cursing me for confusing it; my heart shouting at me for allowing him to cut it open.I stand here wondering if I should drown myself in my tears or pretend to be the strong nineteen year old who has many more to die for her.

Under the moonlight,I stand wondering one thing.

“How do you look at someone you love and tell yourself it’s time to walk away?”


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