Bad Dream

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Just a Dream.”

My trait of being indecisive was suddenly my greatest weakness.As I stood confronting three colossal wooden doors, I struggled to select the one door I would enter.Every single time I put my hand on the round cold doorknob of a door, my brain would convince me into retracting it.There was no time for ‘Eenie Meenie Minie Mo’.Those noxious creatures were coming for me.I had to escape.

So I took one heavy breath and hurled myself at the door on the further right.

A blinding light caused me to shut my eyes and look away.My heartbeat rose to abnormal levels.I could hear the thumping in my ears.I made a vain attempt to wipe off a drop of sweat rolling down my nose with my sweaty palms before forcing my eyelids open.

I found myself in an enormous and desolate room.Every where I looked, all I could see were the lonely walls standing silently, walls that looked like they had just been dipped in a bucket of red paint.There was not a single picture on the walls.Not one sign of inhabitance.No one spoke, not even those loquacious crickets.The pin drop silence however was broken by what sounded like the giggle of a toddler.I looked around to find a baby girl holding a beautiful flower, a flower not nearly as beautiful as her.Her eyes gleamed like fine diamonds.There was a familiar spell bounding glow on her face.I could not get my eyes off of her.


She uttered the word, looked into my eyes and gave off a smile that could light up the entire universe.My heart skipped a couple of beats.I wanted to cry.I wanted to hold my baby in my arms.But as soon as I leaned to take her into my arms, her little feet took her away.She chuckled as she mischievously ran away from me.I ran after her.

“Come here darling,mumma’s here baby” I repeated over and over again.

But she turned a deaf ear to my requests.The room echoed with her laughter.I loved it.Nothing had made me happier in all the twenty six years of my life.And then I ceased.I ceased because I saw a glimpse of my love in her.She was just as divine and flawless as he had been.


Her voice pulled me back into the room,before it forever put itself to sleep as she tumbled out of the window.




“Come back!” I yelled.

“Darling,are you okay?” said my husband.

I buried my head in his chest,wrapped my arms around him.

“I’m okay baby.I just had a bad dream.Go check on our little angel, will you?”


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