Just like I hoped!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “All It’s Cracked Up to Be.”

So far, my A Level exams were the second most torturous thing I had to go through.With the constant fear of failing the exams followed by terrifying nightmares illustrating a crying version of myself begging my parents to forgive me and let me reside in their house, I was on the verge of losing my sanity.I clearly remember not being able to recall how to fall asleep.It felt like my eyelids had never known how to close.My brown eyes and brain too were suddenly clueless about a job that they had been carrying out for the past nineteen years.

Nervous breakdowns had become a part of everyday life. At times, my mood swings compelled me into shouting at my father for petty things, which I regretted after the harm was done.Together with the tension, the seemingly significant heartbreak I once had, suddenly came back to haunt me.I didn’t know what to feel, how to concentrate, what to study.I didn’t know how to prepare, how to satisfy the requirements of the highly demanding Cambridge Board. I was clueless and my life was an utter mess that I could not fix.

However, as a very popular song in Hindi goes – “Jiska koi nahi uska Khuda hai” (The one who has no one has God’s company)- the blessings of the almighty started to show its effects.Gradually, my parents started to comprehend that it was stress that was swallowing me like a hungry python. My father offered the much needed helping hand.Together we sat glued to the table and chair for hours and hours, solving one past paper after the other. Together,we discussed the current status of the economy, we drafted monotonous balance sheets and discussed partnership deeds.

My mother too played an important role in making sure I stay concentrated. She ensured emotions and feelings stayed locked in the store of my heart and did not interrupt with the memory card of my body which was being overloaded with knowledge. She spent hours patting my head, singing soothing lullabies to put me to sleep.

And after a month of hard work by not just me, but every single member of my immediate family, I got my results which informed me that I had passed all the twelve papers I had attempted! It told me  everything actually turned out exactly as I’d hoped! Yayyy!


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