2015? Oh it’s just fantastic!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “State of Your Year.”

2015 so far,was like an over fast train which I continuously had to sprint and catch.But these couple of months were also flooded with special occurrences that I wanted to tell you about but I couldn’t,because we don’t converse.But my heart doesn’t allow me to keep them from you any longer.

Okay so here we go!

So,despite being hectic,2015 so far has brought happiness which I had become unaccustomed to.I now sleep for hours and hours like a baby with a cute smile on my face.I feel like a bird free to soar and explore the vast blue sky.Oh it is such a wonderful feeling!

And this happiness is here because for the first time in my life,my hard work did not go in vain.All the days and nights I spent learning off formulas and scavenging through old newspapers for news worthy enough to show up in the GK section of the college entrance tests; it did not go in vain and one by one,throughout the previous month I got Acceptance Letters from almost all the colleges I had applied for.

Now my parents carry a proud smile on their faces almost all the time,my father’s blood pressure remains on healthy levels.Once again,he laughs and cracks Santa-Banta jokes.My grandmother is not able to keep herself from telling all her friends about how her proud she is of her grand daughter.My mother won’t stop splurging money on me.They are so happy! What more could I ask for?

*plays ‘If You Could See Me Now’*



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