Social Media and its influence on my life


Social media.

What does the term exactly stand for? What does it mean?

Well, according to the renowned know-it-all, Google, social media is a “collection of internet based softwares and interfaces that allow individuals to interact with one another, exchange personal or professional details, share photos as well as up-to-the-minute thoughts” and since Aristotle once very rightly said “Man is by nature, a social animal”, it now plays an essential role in the survival of the 21st generation human.

However for me, social media is a hideous monster, like the creature Victor Frankenstein created. It is a monster with millions of ferocious arms like Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, Whatsapp, SnapChat, Instagram so on and so forth.

It is a kidnapper who lures me in by letting me view how rapidly my old friends are growing up to be beautiful women and handsome men. And the next moment it mercilessly shoves me into the black abyss of peer pressure. Suddenly, I too wish to cover my dark nude lips in red, capture my ‘glamorous’ pout using an expensive smart phone and SnapChat it with the caption “#Red #Selfie”. A stubborn urge to attend After Parties, be a seemingly significant part of the photographs taken at the pricey clubs also arises inside me. It makes me want to follow the crowd.

Social media constantly pokes me,whispering into my ears its wish of seeing two hundred ‘friends’ give my physical appearance their approval in the form of ‘Likes’ on my Facebook profile picture. It feeds into my head the delusion that I am not gorgeous until a guy with three hundred followers has ‘commented’ so. It persuades me into falling into the envious trap once my friend manages to earn more ‘Likes’ than me on Instagram or when my best friend’s tweet is re-tweeted while mine is simply viewed and scrolled away from.

Social media is a despicable trap where it takes advantage of my naïve self. It fools me into thinking that I have four hundred and twenty two friends to be there for me. I am added to five groups, we have never ending conversations while I ignore a life outside my 6 inch phone screen. I feel included yet at the very same moment, I am deluded. I am deluded into believing that they all know, comprehend and care for me; that they will be there to offer a shoulder in times of need.

However, the truth reveals itself when I need someone to accompany me to places uninteresting for the social media critics and all those friends of mine disappear into thin air. I am left with five out of all those people,five people who do care.

Ah,social media.