I knew I needed you, 

but I never showed.

But I want to stay with you, 

Until we’re grey and old” 

James Arthur’s voice seeped into my soul and started to etch on it once again, the name of the man who sat on my right. 

I looked as I sat on the passenger seat, at the man who was everything I had wanted, since I was in my teenage years, still wishing on falling stars.

He was everything my parents wanted for their little darling, and he was so much more.

My eyes felt glued to his face, while he concentrated on his mission to drop me to the New Delhi Railway Station before my train to Mumbai departed. The Hyundai glided on the National Highway, and he, straight into my heart.

He was calm like a summer night.An ambition to succeed ran through his veins.He had the ability to drown me in his oceans of affection.

He was beautiful, in every sense and I was floating like a helpless leaf in smooth course of his love.


“Yeah?” he said as his eyes shifted from the road to me.

“Say you won’t let go” I quoted James.




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