About Me? Oh man.

To be honest,or TBH as they say, I despise these ‘About Me questions’. They are similar to those mathematics word problems I was never good at.I can literally sit here, forever and ever, pondering over how to tell you about me in a way that would not make you yawn.But since something is better than nothing, let’s begin.

For starters,I am twenty years old (that age where Indian parents neither see you as a teenager nor an adult) and I have-after months and months of behaving like a book magnet(and earning the title of Ms.Studious/Anti-Social)- finally enrolled myself into a university suitable enough for my parents to brag about to our relatives (YAYY!) where I will be learning to say things like ” Your honor, if I may, I’d like to present to the court the following video clip as evidence”, for the next five years.

Coming to hobbies…well, I am extremely passionate about dancing and writing.I am not a bad cook but I enjoy taking credits for dishes prepared by my mother.I guess I can sing to save my life. I also cherish dreaming about marrying my celebrity love, Nathan Fillion.
*drools over his pictures*
*CASTLE tune plays in the background*

So,this is the best I can do. *Huff*


Thank you for your time. Hope you like the work I put up.

If you like it,please don’t forget to LIKE or leave comments.They make me feel loved! 🙂

If you don’t like them, feel free to leave comments on how I can improve!

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Loads & loads of loveee!


5 thoughts on “About Me? Oh man.

  1. Hey Meet yet another girl , that is me, the same sweat pants, hair tied, no make up kind, trying to pen down all my thoughts in my one blog 🙂

    Nice to meet you Ishita Ji 🙂


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